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Reini Schrama  
Reini Schrama

ETH Zürich
Reini Schrama
European Politics Research Group
IFW D 47.1
Haldeneggsteig 4
8092 Zurich



Reini Schrama began her PhD studies at the Center for Comparative and International Studies in February 2014. She has a background in Sociology and holds an MA in both Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, and International relations from the University of Utrecht and the University of Antwerp. During her studies she focused on decentralised social policy-making and on the conditions of welfare policy on a European level. Her thesis on the mechanisms of non-compliance with EU directives was awarded the Peter G. Swanborn Bachelor's Prize in the Social Sciences.

Currently she’s working in a project on compliance with EU rules in Western and CEE member states across different policy areas. In her dissertation she focusses on the capacity of civil society networks monitoring the implementation of EU policy in their national context.

For more information on Reini at the EUP Group, ETHZ, please see here

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